An Alternative to Buying New

Purchase a rental instrument and you get everything the student needs to start or continue on their musical journey.  Purchased rental instruments come with a bow, case, and a handy cake of rosin.  Outfits are selected from our collection of full-size and fractional rental instruments. With the our quality control and the care and use of previous customers, outfits from our rental collection are in great condition and played-in.  As a result, these instruments are responsive and sound great. Outfits come in all sizes (full size down to 1/16th size) and are available at two price points, based on our Basic and Advanced rental levels.


Basic Violin Outfits are priced at $500 (all sizes)

Advanced Violin Outfits are priced at $700 (all sizes)


Basic Viola Outfits priced are at $650 (all sizes)

Advanced Viola Outfits are priced at $950 (all sizes)


You can always start by renting an outfit.  Later on, you can apply up to six months of rent payments towards the outfit you are renting or another similar instrument of equal or greater value.