Heaney Violin repairs and services everything we sell…on-site


  • Premium bow rehairs
  • Replace thumb grips


  • Setup improvements to optimize tone and response
  • Getting an instrument playable
  • Cleaning
  • Varnish touch-up
  • Bridge height adjustment
  • Glue open seams

Bow Rehairing and Repair Services

Heaney Violins excels in quality bow work. Patrick Heaney studied bow making, restoration, and rehair with Lynn Armor Hannings. Since 2005 he has provided bow rehair and repair services for the St. Lawrence String Quartet workshop. He services both professional and student grade bows.

All bows are rehaired with premium horse hair. Bows taken in for rehairing are ready for pickup on Tuesdays. Loaner bows are available upon request while a bow is being rehaired.

Instrument Bow Rehair Price

Violin $80.00
Viola $80.00
Cello $85.00
Bass $105.00

The shop also offers other bow work, including: recambering, straightening, and thumb grip replacement.

violin bow repair

Repairs are done on-site, at our Mountain View shop